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Dhruv Lakra and his mission

One day while Dhruv was travelling by a bus he saw a deaf boy near his seat. The boy was not able to hear when the bus conductor was announcing the arriving stations. There were other passengers also but no one noticed this. Dhruv did. He noticed the problem faced by a helpless boy who was aloof and lonely, cut off from the whole world and who struggled to get down at his destination.
No one notices a deaf person as much as other disabled persons - blind, physically challeneged, mentally disabled, even beggars and others. The deaf looks normal and demand no pity or sympathy. But inside them they conceal agony beyond words! "Something should be done for them, " thought Dhruv Lakra. But how?
Some days later  when Dhruv received a courier delivery, he noticed something very interesting. He noticed that the courier guy never uttered a word and delivered him the parcel and then went away. "Delivering couriers is a good job without the necessity to hear or talk!" thought Dhruv. And that's when he knew what he would strive for! He would set up a courier service employing only the deafs. What an idea!
Most ideas crop up with a lot of enthusiasm but die down as time passes due to lack of single minded devotion, focus and rigorous action. However the one that came in Dhruv's mind had a different destiny.  A destiny written with his tenacity, a strong burning desire and immense hard work.  And the idea soon materialized.
Mirakle Couriers, conceived first as a seedling in the heart of a selfless person, came into being and started making progress, slowly but steadily. The number of customers started increasing. It didn't happen overnight. It didn't happen just like that. The organization had a professional approach towards work and a strong code of ethics. The employees had proper dress codes, well defined processes for everything and specific responsibilities for each member of the team.

In 2009, Dhruv won the Helen Kellar Award. Dhruv continues to work even till this day, striving hard to expand his business and bring more and more disabled people within the realm of a life filled with dignity and self respect. They don't get business through pity, but through quality of service. The customers are happy and willing to continue with the orange boys delivering parcels for them.
The sound of silence is no more a torture for these small bunch of people who toil hard, make the successful deliveries within deadline and return home with satisfaction and smiles on their faces. Truly inspiring!
Note: I came to know about this true and motivating story while listening to the audio book - I have a dream by Rashmi Bansal. A nice audio book about people who made changes in our society adding value and meaning to many lives.

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