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This website reflects my ideas, thoughts, philosophy and state of mind. The views and opinions posted in the blogs are completely my own.   

While my daytime job finishes, I start working on various things that constitute my dream world. They are primarily sketching, painting, blogging, reading, writing and thinking. In the weekends and holidays I travel to places, get immersed in photography, think about topics on which I can write or simply spend some invaluable moments with my family. 

I don't have a particular niche. The gamut of ideas that crop up in my mind is simply too wide to fit into a small niche. One moment I might think about ice creams and the next moment about camels and then followed by kites and sky and so forth... no logic or link... I am free to choose my topics in accordance with the timing of their conception and post them in different categories. If you are interested in a particular category, you are most welcome to pick that up and spend as much time as you want.

If you find this website interesting and valuable, do show your support and encouragement by sharing it with others and commenting on the blog posts. Your suggestions and opinions are most welcome. And if you also have a website, you can add that in your comment. 

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Dipesh Majumdar