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Australian open 2016 Women's Final - Kerber steals the show, wins heart and trophy

January 31, 2016

It was Kerber who won the match. No one had believed I am sure... while I was watching the game - I felt Serena will finally pull off... but the tenacity of the German Lady and her never-say-die attitude finally helped her clinch the title.

What we learned from the game?

Okay, first the final was awesome to watch - it was a very hard fought battle in which fortunes kept turning one side to the other... you really enjoy such balanced games rather than a boring one sided affair - in which one routs the other in straight sets...

Having said that, there was much to learn from this gruesome battle between two of the finest players... let me start with Serena first...

Well Serena has won so many grand slams and it's so easy on her part to be a little contented and relaxed sometime and thereby allowing the opponent to register an easy win; but  that's never the case with Serena... see carries herself in the court in a way that she CANNOT CANNOT CANNOT in the wildest wildest wildest of her dreams think of anything less than a victory. A defeat is simply no option for Serena... so at times when she loses the points she goes through an emotional turmoil and agony inside her - that's so very apparent for everyone to see... and it seems she will almost break down emotionally now... but she brings back her composure and again starts fighting with increased intensity... it's so rare to find a fighter like Serena, especially when she has already won so many grand slams... it seems she comes to the court with a vengeance - doesn't matter who the opponent is... it seems it's a matter of life and death in the literal sense - to her... it's fighting spirit in the most extreme form that you can ever experience in players... My hats off to Serena's fighting spirit. And it's because of this insatiable hunger she possesses - it's this quality of hers that has enabled her to bag so many titles... Its the best attitude a player can have - it's an attitude to win and settle for no less....

When the desire to win is so burning, one ends up winning in most of the occasions...

However this wasn't to be the case in the Women's Australian open final... the script had a twist. Even though Serena Williams was successful in clawing back in to the games many a times, after having gone down by quite a noteworthy margin... Kerber managed to garner inspiration from somewhere to keep the pressure on by just the right amount to unsettle her opponent. Again and again she kept hitting those magical shots, some unexpected drop shots where the ball just loops in lazily infront of the net - catching Serena by surprise, and she successfully hit some good passing shots as well and the whole package proved to hot to handle by Serena finally. Serana was always playing catch up game after trailing at crucial stages and finally she failed to catch up...

Kerber had a conviction in her body language that she could do it ... she was not intimidated by Serena by no means.. she was simply focussing on her game and attempting to take it to higher and higher levels... and finally that paid off...

In the deciding set when Kerber was leading by 2-0  and finally Serena plugged that gap and the score became 2-2, it seemed Serena would now be successful in getting her nose in front... but that was not the case to be... Credit has to be given to Kerber... because at this stage of the game she could have easily lost her hope, particularly when Serena was playing very hard and accurate tennis. However Kerber didn't break down and kept her focus and finally succeeded in creating a lead once more. What is noteworthy is also Kerber's tenacity in not willing to lose a point easily, she would simply make sure to return a ball no matter how much she had to run or stretch... and while Serena would have fancied a point she would be surprised to see the ball come back to her... 

Serena finally succumbed to the extreme pressure her opponent created and maintained.

Keep listening to your inner conscience and keep following it

January 27, 2016

Sometimes when we are drunk we feel that we become a better person. We think of doing many selfless activities and then we don't hesitate while thinking this way. When we come out of the stupor we realize the so-called-reality and we decide of not doing those same things that we had decided while we were drunk.

Have you noticed this... has this happened with you... and have you try to analyze why it happens so...

ok lets do some analysis here - drinking definitely provides a lot of freedom. it dilutes our identity and ego... and thats why we feel so happy, relaxed and blissful. because the ego is a heavy burden we carry with us all the time and drinking suddenly lifts this heavy weight from us... and so we feel so light.

without this ego - we think, feel and act like a very saintly person.... but

when the effect of alochol is gone, the ego reappears, the burden is again felt - and so it again changes our thought. we no more agree to do all the things that we decided when we were drunk.

the important question is this: the effect that alcohol has to our mind - can we not consciously rise to that level without drinking?

i think - and i am thinking without getting drunk of course - that there should be a way... actually there might be many ways... what are these different ways i am not sure right now - but to my mind comes one particular way - which is by listening to one's inner conscience and then following it... lets discuss that. 

ofcourse this conscious way of raising one to that high level - is not so easy... one has to jump into darkness with faith in this process... the process is pretty simple and here it is:  everyone knows the truth in his heart - what's right and what's wrong. that can also be termed as the voice of inner conscience - which everyone can hear. just close your eyes and without getting biased - ask yourself - what is the correct action you need to take in a particular situation. For example if you have taken money from someone - and who might have forgotten about it - should you not proactively return his or her money? when we ask such a question with utmost seriousness to our own self - we will definitely get the answer... and once we get the answer - blindly commit yourself to doing it irrespective of whatever immediate loss it might bring to your life. it's just an experiment - you just do it and observe keenly how your life unfolds...

the immediate losses are not important here - we are talking in terms of long term results - 10 years down the line, 20 years down the line and so on...

then one more situation comes in life - and similarly you ask yourself without any bias - and you wait for an answer from the conscience. what does it say? and then you control your action accordingly - totally in synchronous with your inner voice...

if one keeps acting in this way in life and then checks oneself - what he lost and what he gained as a result... i think the gains will be far far more than the losses... Dear reader, don't take my word - do it and find out please. your life is your laboratory and you are the scientist to perform the tests...

there are two possible outcomes - 1. you will come to the conclusion that this doesn't work - listening to inner conscience is actually causing you to lose more in life and causing more problems.   2. you will realize this is actually working and you are gaining more than you are possibly losing.

my experience is that it's always the 2nd outcome that happens as a result of acting based on direction from your inner conscience. its always more advantage, more benefits, more pluses - big big pluses - i tend to have better health, more peace of mind, better respect among people and so on... as a result of this my own conviction and desire to follow same path of right action keeps increasing...

i therefore can conclude that i don't need to get drunk - to think like a good saintly person and come to correct decisions... i can actually more consciously do the right thing by being more receptive to my own conscience.

of course alcohol tends to blur that opaque barier between me and my conscience and i have seen it elevating my thoughts...

but alcohol give me something as a short-cut for which i haven't earned that position. and as it happens with short-cut-approaches - they come with their own side-effects. Because an external stimulus elevates my thinking level to a good height and which i haven't earned - so this heightened state of pleasantness is short-lived. once the effect of alcohol is gone - i fall from the height and remain in the lower state... now in order to go again to that higher state - i again need one more shot... slowly i might lose the ability to be a better person without the help of an external stimulus. this is a wrong approach and not a very good solution.

you will all agree - our hard approach of : by listening to one's inner conscience and then following it... is a much better approach. in my native language, it's like - sastha, sundar, majbuth (cheap, goodlooking, strong). it's like a banyan tree - which takes time to grow - but it grows strong with firm root and strong branches.

while drinking you might get the pleasure of flying - but you will fly without wings - because the external stimulus is potent and it is carrying you and making you float... once the effect is gone - you go through a free fall. the more difficult way: by listening to inner conscience and then following it... is actually a gradual process of experimentation with life. it installs wings in you which are not so effective in the beginning... you will flap those nascent wings and there will be frustration and you will complain - you will take a shot of whisky and fly without any problem... but if you are consistent and perseverant... if you have the magical quality of tenacity - you will hang in there and keep practising with difficulty - then one day your wings will be strong and when suddenly you find yourself helpless in mid-air - your wings will help you to land softly on ground.

That's when you will have the necessary experience to tackle the hard things in life with soft dexterity. till then you should keep listening to your inner conscience and keep following it... till you arrive at the truth!

it's just like learning to type - initially it will be so difficult to place the right finger at the appropriate keys - you will be so much tempted to just use the finger that comes naturally instead of using the correct fingers. it's so hard to go through this rigorous training in the beginning... but once you have become an expert typist you just finish a big chunk of sentence effortlessly - imagine the pleasure... it's all the same in life also - the whole life should be a training and once you become an expert - you will know the difference yourself.

you needn't think about big things... you should start with small things - for example if you are yet to return 2 thousand rs. to a friend of yours... and who seems to have forgotten - start there - return the money irrespective of whether he is a rich or a poor guy ... and feel the peace of mind and observe the acknowledgement and respect your friend returns you for your action... start with small things like this and keep expanding into bigger things... slowly and steadily.

that's the practical way to proceed - otherwise in the very beginning - when you think of a very big thing - you will feel hopeless and will not have the necessary impetus to continue in this path.  


January 24, 2016

So finally the website went live on Monday morning! All defects and loopholes were plugged... It went live without any issue this time. All these days of effort - when we were running the load tests and trying to plug the weaknesses in the various configurations and code of the application finally proved to be paying off... The various components were able to withstand the traffic load even at peak time during the evening...

However I wasn't quite available to enjoy this small sweet successful event as I was battling lying on bed against the notorious Chicken pox...

May be a few days earlier I would have contracted the dreadful virus from Romir... because we are all living and breathing in the same room most of the time and this virus being highly contagious...mmm... my bad luck! Romir was lucky because he already had the vaccination from Fortis in Bangalore, which we later discovered of course!

5 days of battle continued between my immune and the virus and I was covered with these eruptions almost all over - including face. It was a difficult phase of 5 days - because since there are no medicines available to handle this disease - you have to simply lie down there and wait for it to subside naturally - but it doesn't go away so easily - There is this weird feeling of helplessness, body ache , fever and an awful appetite... so your immune needs strength to fight - but your sinking appetite doesn't allow you to take in anything...catch 22 type situation. the fever keeps coming and remains constant at 38.5 F , then I gulp a 500mg paracetamol, so feel a little better - which brings back my apetitie a bit - I have this small window where I can eat because I know again fever will appear and I wont be able to eat. So I gulp the steamed vegetables and a couple of fruits and again lie there in agony - when the fever returns and this cycle continues... needless to say - it feels like hell... I remembered the doc having told me that you keep yourself hydrated -- so I kept drinking water at regular intervals. During the second phase - on the third day may be the itching starts and the whole back, shoulders and other areas itch like crazy. This is the time you realize that the real suffering starts now with this crazy itching on top of it all.  Wednesday night it itched so badly the whole of night that I couldn't sleep and kept turning and twisting in agony and cursing in my mind as to why I didn't take the vaccination - or why no one told me..................about it!!!!!!!!

So Monday, Tue, Wed, Thu - were really nightmares and I somehow stood this days with a lot of pain. From Friday it started getting better and I no more required the paracetamol tabs anymore. My appetite was also now returning slowly back to normal state.

it's 8:55 PM sat late evening.... I still feel the itch on my skin. The suffering is no more present now but I don't know how to get rid of the dark patches and spots all over my body now. I can feel the fresh layer of skin now coming up and the old rotten skin of chicken pox marks beginning to fall apart. But it will take some time... I have to be patient.  Don't know how to go out and avoid getting noticed by others... if only I get the marks on the face fade away pretty soon.... I can get on with life in a normal way!

Bloody Chickenpox!

To all readers out there - particularly adults - if you never had chickenpox in your life and also if you haven't taken the chickenpox vaccination, please consult your doctor immediately and take the vaccination if he suggests so. I don't want anyone else to go through the same ordeal due to negligence, lack of knowledge or carelessness...

Uncanny Ability to Learn From Mistakes

January 15, 2016

In some corner of mind suddenly there was a knock - a shaky voice uttered softly - do you realize? do you realize you carry a gift in you... and that is the uncanny ability to learn from mistakes and then pounce once more on another opportunity with same enthusiasm. I heard the voice of mind. I stopped. I pondered. I nodded in affirmation.

My unpredictable mind

January 11, 2016

I got up at around 10 AM. You know - sunday lazy morning... Saturday was so bad - I don't like to do office work in a Saturday - and I had to do - unfortunately - logging in from home and taking a remote desktop connection... looking into the tiny putty sessions and observing logs - counting number of requests coming to our application as the jmeter bombarded the application with simulated parallel-threaded-requests.... crazy stuff - no results seem conclusive - life itself is so complicated - the applications and the various components - load balancers, servers etc seem so much more complicated. it was difficult to arrive at a solution... we were going really frustrated now...

Anyways today was sunday and as I said - I woke up at 10. No office work and so felt very relaxed.  Called my father and told him that I was planning to drive from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar. He expressed his disapproval - he said, " why not sell it? as it is there is no guarantee of you returning to india now - so what use is the car - it's better to sell it?"

I was little surprised - just on Saturday - he had said - "why sell the car - you will hardly get any money. It will be very less. Its such a nice car - big car - Indica Vista Diesel - and we have made so many tours - so many memories attached with the car."

I was wondering - why the sudden change of statement. I asked him - "My dear Baba - your statement is quite opposite of what you said yesterday? What happened suddenly?" He remained quiet and didn't answer.

I understand he is not happy that I am not in India - I am not there by his side. I know that. However how can one be so different in one's thinking in such a short period of time. May be one day I will be like this when I will grow old.

Or may be I am like that even now... Acutally it's true - it's very easy to vacillate and have different opinions of the same thing at 2 different times - separated by a small time interval... this is because our mind is strange - it keeps thinking - it keeps changing. Human mind is very volatile, dynamic and frickle. That's the reason ancient sages have quoted time and again - the importance of controlling mind.

What's difficult is deciding something and then sticking to that decision. That happens not to everyone but to  very selected matured people.

This might work. This might backfire as well. Depends on one's single-pointed-determination and resolve.

For example - one of my friends is not married and he keeps painting. He has no interest in his office work as well. He loves to explore, read books - philosophy, astronomy and off late history... after reading these he goes out to foreign countries to explore all that he reads... I sometimes think how can he be so certain that what he is doing is the correct thing in his life. Had I been in his place, definitely at some point I would feel hopeless and frustrated and would change my track. but I see him going on with his pursuit with a lot of passion and resolve. In order to pursue his passion of exploration and painting - he has sacrificed a lot of things in life - including marriage.. he is still single! I sometimes wonder - how does he lead his life being a single - doesn't he feel bored. But then - that's he - not me - and it's seems to be just working perfectly fine for him. Now that is what I call single pointed determination and that's what I mean by having maturity.

may be in future my painter friend will wonder - he had taken the wrong path - and he should have got married and pursued a less aggressive bohemian life style. May be, but MAY be not? who knows - but one thing no one can take away from my painter friend - no one can take away all the paintings that he has already completed. That itself is more than an average man can think of possibly delivering something meaningful in a life time.

As far as fluctuating mind is concerned, I myself am an absolutely useless case. A couple of weeks ago I had made up my mind - that  I won't sell my car and would go on a long drive from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar. Then I started thinking about all the things that can go wrong as a result of this daredevil decision ... how my son would cope with this tiring long day inside car, the distance being so long, only one driver - myself... no one to share the steering wheel with - who will take so much risk....and above all wasting so much precious time on road instead of spending with parents..... even my wife was not willing to travel by car. so finally I changed my decision and then booked the flight tickets.  I also thought that if I sell my car - I would get atleast 3 lac. rs. which is a large amount.

Suddenly something happened - exactly I don't know what - may the movie PIKU by Amitabh Bachchan, wherein they set out for a long journey from Delhi to Kolkata.. triggered me to think about the car journey once again.  So I am tempted to cancel the flight tickets and continue my earlier plan . I am tempted to cancel my idea of selling the car as well.

Why should I look into my baba's changing statements in a span of 2 days - while my own mind is such precariously unpredictable. I can site one more example that took place just after my conversation with father today morning...

I was playing pool (online android smartphone app game)- I was on the verge of winning a second consecutive game against another player online. But before hitting the winning shot I teased my opponet - hey man... lets play one more, completely certain - I would win.... but alas! the easiest of the easy shots I missed. Felt terrible - so much that I logged out of the game, threw my smartphone on the sofa and got up from the chair. Immediately - I remembered an incident from a cricket match I was watching a couple of years back may be -  An indian player got this easy looped up catch and he took a lazy stance to catch it with an air of over-confidence and you know what happened??? Yes you guessed it right, he dropped the CATCH! It looked as if he was planning in his mind how to celebrate - even before he had taken the catch. A simple message comes to mind:  Never ever take things for granted. The mind constantly tricks you to take away concentration from the target being aimed at. And the mind makes you fall.

Somebody from Ramakrishna Mission, a few months back was explaining in an youtube video - you can watch your mind so you are different from your mind. Just the same way like you can watch your hand or your legs so you are different from these body parts. So what are you? you are not the body, not the mind - so what are you. He then went on to explain that you are actually a part of that same consciousness that is omniscient. Just like you cannot see light in general, but when you keep an object you can see the light illuminated on the object... in same manner the consciousness is manifested in the body and one can witness life.

I don't take anyone's statement blindly and so I always weigh these sentences on the weighing scale of my own reasoning. And I have to say that I am not sure whether it is true or false - or how much to believe... I don't know if you are part of the divine, ethereal and omnipresent consciousness or the so called soul or you are just a property which automatically manifests when the inorganic compounds are mixed in just the perfect way that the finished product functions like a living being. if that is the case then why robots donot display such properties, I have no idea.

But I can however say this with a lot of certainty - whether the individual is a soul or not - but it is different form body and mind - and so it should be able to have control over the body and mind.

I believe, with experience one should be able to control the mind. And if small steps are taken each day, then considerable progress can be achieved.


Another new year...

January 3, 2016

Just one more year... This time it was 2016. somehow this year - i didn't have the spirit to make a review - of what i had done last year - how i fared - what was good, what was bad... even i really don't feel like jotting down a list of to-do-items for this year - or goals - short and long term...

Just right now i don't have a very good feeling inside me - sagging spirit and depressed mood.

I know this is not the right way to welcome 2016. I am hoping that it will turn out very good as the year unfolds. Many a times the the day turns out brighter in comparison to a gloomy morning... Many a times weather changes for the good...

I haven't even bought a new year diary... 

If you ask me how i feel without a diary, without goals - this time - i would say - i  don't feel a thing... somehow I have no passion, energy or spirit to do anything... I am feeling lazy.

Last moments of 2015 were spent watching the fireworks from the window... just like the previous two years in Netherlands... But this time around i observed that the light-works were more. It went on non stop from 12:00 to 01:00 am.  


Plan B

December 27, 2015

So what we weren't successful, our spirits weren't quite dampened, we had rock solid faith of pulling it off - no matter how many hurdles had to be over-comed. So we went ahead with plan B.

Plan B was to recreate the problem and IDENTIFY the exact point of failure - and then solve it. Easier said than done - a few days went by as we got busy trying to recreate the problem. The testing team simulated the issue with stress test (or load test) using j-meter. Things were looking good - we were finally able to recreate the issue - though it was not the ideal way - but using some workarounds! But we did it! Our next goal would be to now increase the infrastructure resources - more nodes, more memory, cpu and then re-run the load tests to see if the issue disappears... But no more on Thursday! Enough for the Day! Friday was a holiday....

This time around we were quite fortunate to get an extended weekend due to the Christmas Holidays - so we were happy to leave all pending tasks and problems at the office-desk and return home with a new spirit of joy, enthusiasm and happiness.

However it turned out a little different from my expectation of a happy weekend. Romir is not quite well - and his mild throat pain yesterday aggravated into quite a nagging soreness with intermittent bouts of cough. Adding to that high temperatures sometimes during the day and night - all put together - we were caught off the guard - finding it difficult to decided whether to wait for the pain to subside or to go for a doctor. When the usual cold and cough home remedies didn't work out and when his pain got quite intolerable we were forced to rush to an Amstelveen Hospital, on the early wee hours of Saturday Morning.

The experience was quite annoying to be honest. First of all getting the way was so difficult. The gps showed the right way but somehow we weren't able to spot the hospital. We somehow made it...

We narrated in great detail to the very pleasant Doctor. She was quite patient to hear everything out. Then she looked into the ears of Romir with a sharp focussed torch, checked his throat and very softly said - "No major issues  - but we need to get a blood test done. This is to confirm that it's a Bacterial infection and not a viral."

We were taken to another room. Romir sat on the seat meant for patients like an elderly person. When he was asked if he would be willing to let go of a tiny drop of blood from his finger, he nodded in affirmation with the utmost seriousness without any iota of panic. The blood examining machine looked very sophisticated and when the blood sample was inserted, it made a lot of sound to express that it was busy calculating - but alas, when all calculation was over, it gave some message in Dutch - which looked to me like an error message, much like the 404 page not found - error message we are so accustomed to in our Online Application Team. Second attempt - second prick - tiny drop of red blood -  lots of noise of calculation - but no result. What was the Plan B for the Doctor, I was wondering in my mind now, quite frustrated with the proceedings so far... Such a Big Hospital and the blood examining machine doesn't work! And there is no second machine!

No conclusive results, so we had to be satisfied with whatever prescription we got with an added note from the Doc, that if and only if we see fever - we should consider giving an Azithromycin dosage - which would then continue for 3 days - 3.5 ml for each dosage. In an earlier episode - when Romir was given Amoxycillin - he had developed some red rashes... so Azithromycin was considered the best second option.

We bid the doctor good bye and started our journey towards home. It was quite cold and the thick jacket seemed not enough to shield the chill. We also acknowledged the fact silently - that 26th Dec being a holiday and while the rest of the world is enjoying and celebrating Christmas, it would be such tough for the Docs and Nurses to go through their daily jobs of attending patients. It's so easy to blame but when we shift our perspective then we see a very different story. We were very happy to have got the Antibiotic so that Romir might finally get some relief from his incessant bouts of cough.

And each time he coughs, he cries in anguish as the sore throat hurts so much. And you can't avoid a cough isn't it? Yesterday Night I prayed God to give me the sore-throat instead... as it's so difficult to stand the pain of a 4 and a half year old kid.

Today as I write this line - he is sleeping in the other room with his mother, the pain of the sore throat is gone and so is the anxiety inside me.

Thankyou Doc. Your Plan B worked just fine!

Reality Check

December 17, 2015

Unfortunately, as it turned out, we were not successful!

I was hopeful yesterday that the result would be positive and the problem we have been facing since the last few days would eventually be solved. But in the morning at around 10.30 am I discovered that this was not the case. Our online Application stalled once more and the same issue came up again. All the fixes that we had put the previous day proved futile. Facing such a negative outcome in the morning is indeed depressing. I went back to  bed and dug myself underneath the blanket - closed my eyes and didn't feel like opening it again...

Sometimes we desire an event to happen in a certain way - and then we tend to believe that the outcome will be in accordance with our expectation. But many a times it actually ends up being quite the opposite and then we get depressed. This is actually not right.

If you really want to be pragmatic and realistic in life, it's important you harbour no bias in your evaluation of a particular situation. There should always be proper calculative steps taken before embarking upon a certain task/project and careful analysis of possible ways in which a particular functionality or application-behavior can go wrong should be taken account of.

If it's a website-go-live project, then before getting the website for end-user-use, proper performance tests, load tests and functionality tests should take place. There should be plan B to fall back on in case the original plan for implementing a particular change goes wrong,

I thought about all these things when I was still in the bed.

I got up and then got rid of all the negative emotions that were crowding my head like a bunch of bees around someone who pokes the hive. Not quite a good way to begin the day - but then not all days will turn out evergreen - there will be few of them, when the clouds will simply be too dark.

So what? That's life.

Netherlands - Day999

December 16, 2015

I got up early morning. Had my breakfast and then got ready in no time to begin my day's work. The bus was moving towards Beechavenue very fast and my mind was crowded with thoughts of the complicated situation we had at hand. How this day will turn out to be... no idea... however I was optimistic.

I had promised previous night - that today morning I will say loud in my mind - TODAY IS A NEW DAY AND ALL PROBLEMS ARE GOING TO GET SOLVED. And I did exactly that - while waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

The day unfolded and many things happened. It's a big team and there are small units doing different things in different directions... all aimed towards solving the same problem.

I can't guarantee that all problems got solved but we were at-least satisfied with how the day turned out. We tried a lot of things - discovered many other things that were not really correct in the true sense and finally we did put all these small things together in the right places...

But we haven't yet been able to prove that all these that we have put together actually solved our problem.

Sometimes we need to wait for the result. Patience is the key. 

Tomorrow afternoon - we will know and again I shall write here - how it did go.

However during the time we were all fire-fighting and trying to solve the issues we had at hand - one thing was pretty clear - we were sometimes fighting among ourselves - it's so important sometimes to keep our cool and continue peacefully - sometimes it becomes so difficult to interact with a certain kind of personality - and then it leads to friction and tension. So learning to adapt to a particular situation in the best possible manner is very important and something I am still continuing to learn ..  I am eager to learn more of it. Its a always a good practice to bring it to the notice of members in the team - that all belong to the same team and everyone is trying to contribute to the larger and common cause... and so it's actually not a good idea to fight among ourselves.

It really doesn't matter what you are and what you do... it's more important to have a complicated situation under control and the more expert one is at it the better his chances of survival.

At the end of the day - it's all a game of survival.  whether one is writing code or managing a team.... everyone is trying to survive...   how much he is able to do so is entirely upon his own ability to control a situation.

As I had said yesterday - some magic will happen today - and it did happen... however whether we were successful - we'll come to know TOMORROW.

Till then - bye

How to handle an emergency situation at work

December 15, 2015

Issues, issues and issues - what's exactly breaking - and what's exactly failing - i have no idea - there could be issue here - there could be issue there - there could be some problem somewhere and i don't know where...

People are fire-fighting endlessly - i see everyone is doing his best - what best can be done under such circumstances???????

How many times we have seen ourselves in such a situation in work? we can simply think, contemplate and guess - we can still dig, dig and dig for more proof - proof in black and white -

But so often it happens that a problem doesn't seem to have one clear solution. Emergency situations are so difficult to handle - emergency situations are so hard to control - there could be some problem here or there - who knows?

Under such situations its important to keep one's cool and think of all possible steps that can be taken to control the situation.

Small step here and small step there - all put together -
multiple solutions - some from here and some from there -
all put together and stitched firmly -
can be put forward to see if that stops the leakage...

after all this even if the blood-flow is not arrested- take a break - leave for home. Sleep. Sleep peacefully and don't think about work. Believe firmly in this : TOMORROW IS A NEW DAY - TOMORROW ALL PROBLEMS ARE GOING TO GET SOLVED.

Might be some thing will happen - some magic - that will solve everything.

The world runs on hope. Isn't it?


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