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They say - it’s a beautiful world... I say - its a TRAP

I remember...

rating in the game of chess

In app my rating now is 1020 approx.... and i m near about this for quite sometime sometimes it reaches 1060 - 1070 and sometimes it slips down to 1000... but 1020 is the stable mark i can safely say though don't know about what might happen in times to come... life and chess - both are funny....

i had to struggle to come to this level from 930 or something....

somehow - in this life also we have rating and it increases - but we are not aware that rating is increasing - we keep playing the game of life as if we are still having old bad rating - and actually we become bad - bcoz we think we r bad .... actually after becoming good we end up losing like a dog - but we should think that is a natrual thing - we should remain aware and lift our spirits and behave as if we are already in the next higher level

Time to declutter

As i write this - my inbox is getting deleted. 

initially i thought of taking the back up outlook files... then i remembered one of my friends making this point - back in the days in Oracle - do we really use the backed up files - do we really need them... I dont think we need - so i don't backup. 

Actually at that time I didn't agree 100 percent with him - but now i feel - what's the use of so much back up... lot of things we don't need we can actually discard... its time to declutter - in that way we feel light... free and less stressful... think about it - what really you can throw... or give/donate or whatever... ???? 

A shocking truth - 3

Netherlands - Day 1808 (Very cold now)

Its that time of the year when it one expects cold weather. But this cold! No! This is first time seeing so much drop in temperature in Netherlands. It’s been hovering around the minus 6 degree for the last 3 or 4 days continuously. Day time sun light is misleading and the moment you step out you realise the jacket that normally comforts you outside fails to shield you from the cruel cold. Five layers of dress including the outer jacket is now what I put on to go to office. The only comforting factor is there is no rain which means no snow on the roads. The lakes/canals are all covered in snow, even the bigger ones and people are walking, sliding and playing on them. What a treat it is to walk on a lake covered with snow...  I can only imagine, though never have done that and of course intend to do that sometime. But laziness takes the better of me or rather us all the time as weekends we are always within the four walls of home and weekdays are spent in office. Lot of things to do at home - drawings, paintings, chess, YouTube video, playing with Romir - time flies just like that and Friday evening to Monday morning goes away in the blink of an eye. It’s been quite sometime we have visited India and we are all eager to go but then situation is such that we have to wait for some more time. Don’t know when the time will come.  ˙

A shocking truth - 2

When my conscience looks back at me - 2

painted on Apple iPad pro


Painted on Apple iPad Pro


Fantasy lake

Centaur head

Painted in Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)....

A shocking truth

Sometimes opponent will make mistakes...

Again while playing chess with a new opponent i came upon this learning... he had a better rating (937) or something than me (840) and that he was clearly showing in his game - he was dominating from the start and very soon ate my rook. i was cursing my foolishness and wondering what to do now .. still tried to give the best moves and somehow hung in there... and then suddenly out of nowhere he give me a check in a way that if my my king eats his queen a standby horse of his would eat mine... but my own horse was lurking at the side which he failed to notice and it jumped and gobbled his queen up. Oh - what a satisfaction! i couldn't believe my luck. then he ate my horse up and then i had so much choice - my queen could eat his rook with check or my king could eat his horse and as i was thinking which move to give - he surrendered... 

As i won - i couldn't help but think about the whole episode... i felt - that had i lost hope i wouldn't have got this chance... because i hung in there i created the opportunity. You know what - you never know - opportunities come in different colors. Sometimes your opponent will make silly mistakes and you can then punish him. 

Its a bit metaphorical - if you think deep - life in general is your opponent as it throws different problems at you. Instead of over-reacting if we just hang in there with a cool head, who knows, there may be a time when life presents us with a golden opportunity. And then you should capitalize. And then people will say you were lucky but they won't consider that you had waited with perseverance for your turn to capitalize on the opportunity. 

Never lose hope

I just lost a chess game with username: truciolo69 in app

And believe me this was a game which i have been domination all the way... and at the last committed a couple of silly errors and my lead was gone and I was down on time in a 30 minutes game. My opponent won on time... 

And then i realized the importance of never losing hope in life...

Oh God - it pains, it hurts and it hurts so much... 

Particularly when you are on the verge of victory and then you lose. 

And so I don't want to let go of this valuable lesson of never losing hope in any situation. One more thing is never ever think that the game has been won before it has actually been won. Because as I was inching towards victory I was having this feeling that I am winning a lot of matches and I am getting better and so on; in other words i started celebrating my win before I actually won and in that process lost a bit of concentration and boy did that cost me at the end... and did that hurt? You bet!!!

This is the loss after 7 wins in the trot. 

one more head painting

Somehow managed to squeeze in this painting before 2017 ended on ipad pro 12.9


New habits never last long... why?

...this is because when there is a sudden shock or intense pain or change - then it tends to wipe out the learning slate momentarily and then one tends to fall back on his regular old habits.

Note that the learning slate is delicate and can't withstand extreme shocks so one needs to remain in an optimum psychological state to ensure that he repeats the new habits with consistency.

New habits take time to form roots in the soil of mind. They are prone to innumerable threats from different sources.

For example, some stranger can rob you off your peace of mind by a caustic and irresponsible remark. And that's enough to shake you off your rhythm and push you back to your old habits. And all this happens pretty fast without you being aware of the sequence of events; however if awareness level is increased, you might succeed in protecting your feeble learning slate. 

Working with visudo

If the requirement is to allow user1 to execute a few commands that will only run from super user root (for example stopping puppet agent - /etc/init.d/puppet stop, then you can do this:

type visudo
and below the line starting with root... add the below lines
## Allow root to run any commands anywhere
root    ALL=(ALL)       ALL
user1 ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/puppet *

So now from user1 this command will succeed - sudo /etc/init.d/puppet start

Now taking it one step further - 

if you want to  login as user1 and want a command to be executed as a different user (example appuser2) which say for example is owner of AEM Author/Publisher, then you need to issue below command for stopping AEM applicaiton from user1  -
sudo -H -u appuser2 /bin/bash -c "/application_path/author/crx-quickstart/bin/stop"

but for the above sudo command to work the below entry is needed in visudo

user1 ALL=(appuser2) NOPASSWD:/bin/bash -c*/crx-quickstart/bin/st*


OnePlus 5 Review

I got a chance to test the camera of the one plus 5 yesterday. My friend took a shot from the where the window was in my work place. Evening time, no flash and only natural light on to the subject... Though the face was at extreme right but the camera auto-focused on it with ease and made the distant objects blurred. This is what i liked so much... very easy to use no adjustment needed and its just a magnificent output at the end.

This is awesome DSLR-effect and i haven't seen such high quality smartphone camera before... Though I haven't tested the iphone 7 plus which I have heard is pretty good as well.

After sometime I also tested the front camera - which also took sharp pictures and the auto-focus worked on multiple faces as well. 

A big thumbs-up for overall camera - back and front. 

Ok now let me get into the other features of the camera... just my initial impressions only as I am not getting into detailed analysis.

First of all the phone felt very premium in my hand. It was comfortable. The apps opened very fast. No lagging. 

Then i listened to a few songs in you tube @1080p with my v-moda headphone (using the 3.5 mm headphone jack) and was pretty impressed with the sound quality. 

However the phone display was something I wasn't very happy with. Not that the display is bad but the kind of displays you get in iphones or samsung phones - i found that missing. Ofcourse this phone is much cheaper. But then I think phone displays are too important to ignore because most of the time you are looking into the screen, isn't it? So, that's the only drawback I found...

Overall I would give 7.5 out of 10. 

Disclaimer: Its not a professional review and its only my personal feeling and opinion so please use your own judgement or take inputs from professional reviewers before taking a decision to buy. 


Book Review: Solve For Happy

Recently I finished the book Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat.

It was interesting and thought-provoking. It made me close the book many times and delve into the various ideas and concepts presented in simple language. It's based on a personal tragedy that triggers the author to pen down his experience of life. In his hour of crisis, he dived deep into serious contemplation and formulated some theories from various sources and also from his own life-experiences. This book is a collection of such theories and concepts. 

One of the key highlights of this book is the concept that a child is born blissful, in a perfect happy state. As we grow, we lose this natural state by over-thinking and making things complicated. You buy a new smartphone which initially performs well but as you keep installing apps, it gets slower and slower and hangs at times. Just like your mobile, even you need a factory reset at times. But how? Read the book, I should say. There are small practical steps explained which are easy to follow. 

A single unpleasant incident seems to haunt us  much more than happiness from many joyful events. The mind remembers the bad, goes back to it, thinks about it and then suffers unnecessarily and all these take place automatically without our control. We should stop going back to unpleasant thoughts by forcing our mind to be pinned right onto the present moment. We can start by focusing on the things right in-front of our eyes -  the table, wall clock, a small bird through the window and so on. A simple exercise but can yield immediate results.

The other thing that I liked about the book is that the author very nicely explains that the whole creation is based on a grand-design. It is not a result of a chaos or an accident, like the Big Bang! And in this design the laws of the nature work perfectly. There is no sympathy for anyone -  so if you lose something valuable and cry the universe isn't going to listen and return back your valuable possession. Because the laws will not change.  

When there is a grand design, there should also be one who designed it. Isn't it?

There is a lot of discussion on death towards the end of the book as well. A man never dies. It's only that the physical body dissolves. However he continues to live in some form of consciousness. Death is not to be feared or ignored. Rather it should be embraced and in-fact celebrated.

What lies on the other side is not completely known but there can be something wonderful - who knows? When a baby remains in mother's womb it can get attached to free food and mother's warmth. The baby might be not willing to come out of the stomach - and may be that's why every baby cries after landing on the earth; however we know that birth is a liberating phenomenon. The baby never realizes that the other side of the mother's womb can be so exciting. Similarly Death can also lead to something exciting.

I highly recommend this book. It's an eye-opener, sometimes quite emotional and every now and then it will make the reader lost in serious contemplation.

Day4: Lucerne, Titlis

This is the last day of the 4 day Italy-Swiss Trip. We got up early, completed breakfast and then left for Lucerne Station. Now i hate to say this but so many times we have missed the train or bus by a whisker that now we have stopped regretting... And so the train to Engelberg just left and we helplessly watched it going out of sight... We took the tickets from the automated ticket vending machine and waited for the next train. A solid one hour to go... so we went to the nearby Lucerne Lake and clicked a few pictures. In the below picture as you can see I achieved the background-blur with the 18-55mm kit lens of nikon 5600D. 

I think the below picture came very sharp on automatic mode and in broad day sunlight. 

Unlike the previous 3 days, we were lucky to have a bright and sunny day.

We came back and got inside the train to Engelberg. We were treated with some stunning scenery through the train window. It was all snow believe me, at this point in the yea, i.e. April End. Finally we reached Engelberg, got down and then proceeded towards the ticket counter from where we took the tickets for the cable cars.

Note: Titlis summit has to be reached in 3 levels by cable cars. At each of these levels you can come out of the cable car station and spend some time to have a look at the mountains around and play with snow. 

Please watch complete journey in 5 videos and leave your comments - i have mixed audio in some of these videos to obliterate the non stop chatter from other occupants of the cable car. Watch in full resolution 1080p for better quality.

First 3 videos are in 1st level.

We reached the first level now. We came out the cable car station out in the open to witness the dazzling white snow all around in bright sunlight; it was difficult to look around without the protective goggles. I mean it was so damn bright. Here we took some snaps and then we took the second level cable car and proceeded further up.

In this  below video you can see the cable car that we took in the second level. 

Shown below is fifth video. The queue which led to the third level rotating cable car is painfully slow. Furthermore we soon realized that this revolving cable car has no seats, unlike the previous two. We didn't like this cable car as the people are led inside these in very large groups. Those who are trapped in the middle can barely manage any good views. However we could somehow manage to take below video. We were having difficulty to stand properly with our bags. We felt that the number of rotating cable cars and rope-ways for this last level should be increased.

Now this is the view of mountains and valley from the top of Titlis - 

Shown below is the ice cave. 

After spending some more time on Titlis Summit we returned back on these cable cars and then waited for the train at Engelberg station. 

Final destination of our intinerary: The famous Lion Monument.

Now we went back to the same Indian restaurant after a tiring day for dinner. 

And then straight back to the hotel. 

(Next day we woke up a bit late and then left for Zurich airport to catch the flight to Amsterdam.)


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